New Site:

26 04 2011

Fishing, ha, that is just the beginning:


Cable Lake

12 03 2011

Grandpa, Chris, and I went out to Cable Lake this afternoon and caught a few bluegills.  Just a day after Grandpa’s 86th birthday, he can still show us boys a thing or two about fishing.  He had his chair right downwind from his truck, and with no gloves, caught more bluegills than Chris, and more than me.  We brought home ten and let about 20 go.  I have to say, that the money in Grandpa’s hand is to give to me, as we had a bet at the beginning of the day for the biggest fish, and as you can see by what Chris is holding, he didn’t win. 🙂

New Blog

21 02 2011

So just last week i started a new blog. Its devoted to fishing and it should be pretty cool. Here is the url:

Deer Season 2010

9 12 2010

Six bucks, three wih bows and three with bullets.  Biggest with a bullet is below.  More are to come soon,

My latest Job

21 10 2010

As per request of Mom, here are a couple images of this past summer. 

October 18

18 10 2010

Society is about giving and taking.  I do something for you, you give me something in return.  If we are both content with what we have received, we go on with our lives.  People recognise the work i do as a representation of who i am.  If my work is poor, then no one remembers me.  No one recommends me and as a result, i have no work.

Alaska 2010

9 09 2010

Just got back this morning from a week on the Kenai Peninsula.  Check out these couple videos: